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Executive Retreats
Executive Re-Boot Camp (for the Soul)
The Most Relaxed You Will Ever Be …
3 Day Retreats in Beautiful Paradise Valley, Montana

Dr. Francs will teach you his signature water therapies,  AquaBliss and AquaStretch Kinetics and give you the instructional DVD’s  to take home with you.  Organic produce grown on the property will be  the foundation of daily lunches.  Professional fly fishing guides will  teach the basics and the nuances of this art form and then we will test  your skills with an afternoon floating and fishing on the Yellowstone  River.  This float includes a stop on our private ten-acre island for a  bonfire and luncheon during our adventure.
Meditation/contemplation sessions in the world’s largest Flower  of Life sculpture will be a daily event as well as making and  formulating our own homemade flower essences which aid emotional  healing.  Hikes in the mountains to local waterfalls will include  identification of wild edible and survival food as well as the plethora  of natural medicines inherent in the Rocky Mountains.
Daily yoga sessions will be enhanced with aromatherapy and sound  healing Tibetan bowls.  A wood-burning sauna and Native American  underground
kiva sweat lodge will be available to cleanse the  body with mandatory cooling off periods.  After dinner bonfires under  the incredibly star-studded Big Sky using Google Sky as our guide with a  Celestron telescope will be a nightly option.
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